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Sweaty seats during long practice sessions and races?

improve concentration and performance.

Simracers and professional eSporters often sweat during long practice sessions and races. Not only is this an unpleasant feeling, but often the seating position is no longer optimal, dehydration occurs and concentration and performance are reduced.
In the long run, sweating also causes additional wear of the seat and possibly unpleasant odors.

Our system ventilates certain areas of the chair and dissipates body heat to increase comfort and performance.

Luckily, there is a solution

We first consulted scientific work on the perspiration zones on the human body. Those zones also give the best efficiency to cool the body and the highest feeling of refreshment.

control the airflow
control your perfomance
with cold fusion

Our solution

To dissipate heat, an airflow is needed that gently and evenly dissipates heat. A flow that is too strong quickly creates an uncomfortable feeling.

special 3D woven fabric

We used a special 3D woven fabric that allows air to flow over a large surface area and is placed on top of the comfort foam.

To ensure that the air is evenly distributed, a perforated layer is provided that allows the air to come out of the 3D weave to the surface. The final layer is the ‘cold fusion‘ layer. This layer is a special top fabric that is not only air permeable but also generates a feeling of refreshment when air flows through it.


Our solution ensures proper dissipation of body heat in the areas that produce the most heat.
After many tests, we were able to accurately determine the locations for the placement of the fans in the chair.

In order to control the heat dissipation, a rotary knob is provided to regulate the air flow. This allows the user to control the ventilation and decide how powerful the system is.


  • Improve concentration & performance
  • Reduce sweating
  • Dissipates body heat
  • Based on scientific work
  • Special 3D woven fabric
  • Our own special ‘cold fusion’ foam
  • Super comfortable & distributed airflow
  • Regulator to determine airflow yourself



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